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  • 2 new credits added each month, so you can get access to newly added premium systems any time!
  • Unlimited access to our entire premium affiliate system collection
  • Autoresponder integration (connect and have a copy of all leads added to your own autoresponder service)
  • Much Much More... Read below for all info!  

Read Below To Recap Everything Included In The Pro Membership:  

PLUS - Add All Leads To Your Own Autoresponder!

Seamlessly integrated with the following autoresponder platforms OR use your own HTML form for any other platform too! 

Hi, Cindy here again.

I just wanted to personally welcome you to Covert Commissions and congratulate you on taking action today. 

You've now got your hands on some of the best done for you technology money can buy!

You've made a very smart move and you have now taken a huge step towards achieving true financial freedom.

I know that you are excited to access the member’s area... and to get started building your list & affiliate income.

However, if you’re willing to give me a few minutes, I would love to show you how to make this even easier and faster for you.

Revealed: How To Create Life-Changing Passive Income With Covert Commissions Pro... In Just 30 Days Or Less!

Before we continue I must warn you though.

In order to make this as effective as possible for you and to keep it fair to existing members...

This offer will only ever be made available once. Here. Now. 

If you leave this page, this opportunity will be gone forever, so please read this entire page carefully and choose wisely before even considering closing this page, or you could end up regretting it.


With this upgrade you'll be able to unlock all of the Covert Commission systems and features... an opportunity only a handful of people get - at a price we've NEVER offered before. 

So without further ado...

Here’s Exactly What You Get With Your Covert Commissions Pro Membership...

Maximize Your Profit In All Niches!

As a pro member you will immediately receive 10 credits you can use to activate 10 additional commission systems today.

You also have the freedom to save these credits to use on any commission systems we release in the future too.  (We're regularly release 2-4 new systems based on popular, top selling evergreen products) 

You can choose from any of our available systems, ensuring that you will be able to build a list in, and monetize any niche you like.

Leave this page and you'll NEVER see this offer again, it's not available to members

Automate Your Traffic With Our Covert Commissions Wordpress Plugin!

This is, by FAR one of the most powerful ways to use your new Covert Commissions systems - simply upload, activate and select how you want to start building your lists!

  • Rotate any/all of the affiliate systems you've unlocked
  • Automatically display banners inside your posts
  • OR use our shortcode to add a banner rotator ANYWHERE (including widgets)
  • One click 404 activation, so any lost traffic is now seeing your squeeze pages
  • Display your affiliate system pages in popups, delayed or even as exit pops!

Easily Beat Your Competition On New Launches & Promotions

We add new commission systems to the members area all the time and often these feature brand new exciting product launches. Using Covert Commission to promote these will give you an almost unfair advantage over everyone else!

As a pro member you will automatically receive 2 credits every month. Use these to activate 2 new commission systems of your choice.

This ensures that you will always have access to the newest systems and that you can keep your promotions fresh and highly effective.

Add Unlimited Subscribers To Your System At Absolutely NO Extra Cost!

As a pro member you can add an unlimited number of subscribers to all of your commission systems. The more you promote your squeeze page the more you will earn, and with the pro membership the sky is truly the limit.

You will also be saving a ton of money on auto responder fees, unlike Aweber we don’t care if you have 1,000 or 100,000 leads – you will never pay extra for generating more subscribers!

Let Us Build You A True Passive Income With Unlimited Managed Promotions

We have a custom, high converting email follow-up series in place for all your commission systems. Your subscribers will run through this series promoting the main product and a bunch of solid, related evergreen products... always using your affiliate link!

As a pro member you will also benefit from what we call managed promotion to your leads.

When there’s a new big launch that fits the niche of your system(s), we’ll tailor a super effective promotion to your leads.

This means that you will be promoting the big launches automatically and effectively... and that you will be earning autopilot commissions for years to come – on stuff you didn’t even know you promoted!

As a pro member you'll get special priority access to affiliate systems that include:
- Higher Ticket Items: Earn as much as $1,497 commissions per sale!
- Recurring Commissions: Get paid month after month automatically
- Priority Notification: Know first when a new system is available or launch is live
- Access To Upcoming QUIZ Systems: Even high conversions, used by experts
- Exclusive Interview Content: Top level marketers using the exact systems you have 


Upcoming interviews include: 


Live training session with fitness guru, Wesley Virgin.

With the upcoming addition of his Fat Diminisher premium Covert Commissions system, we'll be meeting with the man himself ... who was responsible for over $30 Million last year alone with his top selling fitness product. 

He'll also be providing the exact quiz/lead capture system he used to do that, and sharing HOW he is getting traffic to his pages so you can copy!  Only available for PRO level members!

He's been featured in Forbes magazine and just lives and breathes inspiration and will be guiding you step by step in making money with your Covert Commission system, where to find the best audience that you know will buy! 

Live training session with Clickbank Master, Mark Ling.

We're adding a few new premium Covert Commissions systems in the next 2 weeks that feature the master himself... Mark Ling.

Mark is the creator of close to 300 best sellers in the Clickbank Marketplace, responsible for close to $100 Million dollars in digital sales.

He's had massive success in all kinds of products, including:
Dog training, Paleo cookery, Dating & Relationships, Learn Guitar, Learn Languages (many many of them) and so much more. 

We'll be having an exclusive sit-down with Mark and finding out how he sends traffic to his lead capture pages, where he finds his best converting audiences and how to turn every click into cash.   Again, this is only available for PRO level members and will be worth it's weight in gold!

Guaranteed Affiliate Approval

If you have promoted any products on JVZoo or similar networks before, you know that getting approved as an affiliate can be difficult.

Sometimes the vendors are a bit slow and other times you may not live up to the requirements they have set.

As a Covert Commission Pro member you will get guaranteed priority approval for the products used in your commission systems.

We will also recommend you as a premium client so you will also have the highest possible chance of getting approved for instant commission payments.

A True 1-Click Set & Forget System

My goal with Covert Commissions is to make your life as simple as possible and that’s why we have implemented our 1-click set up wizard.

You simply have to enter your affiliate network details and profile details once... and then all your new commission system can be activated with a single click. It couldn’t be easier!

We’ll Give You All The Help You Need

Even though Covert Commissions is super easy to use, I want to make absolutely sure that you have everything you need to succeed.

The membership area is packed with training material showing you exactly how to promote and drive traffic to your commission systems.

There’s even a super sweet, custom WordPress plugin you can use to automate the whole process.

As a pro member you will also get priority email support access. If you’re ever stuck or have any questions, we’re ready to help you immediately.

However... The most powerful feature of this pro level version is that instead of just letting us manage your lists for you, you'll also get a copy of those leads automatically added to your own autoresponder too.  

 Get All Your Leads In
Your Own Autoresponder &
Double Your Income!

Finally... and this is without a doubt the biggest benefit of a pro membership...

You can easily get all the leads you generate with your Covert Commission systems deposited straight into your own autoresponder of choice.

This puts you in full control!

You get to enjoy all the benefits of an automated income system, while retaining the freedom to do whatever you want with your leads!

Having your leads in both Covert Commission and on your own list can easily double your income!

Currently we have seamless integration with: 

Let's Do A Quick Recap Of Your New Pro System...

You’ll still only have to send traffic to the squeeze pages we host for you, and we’ll take take of the rest.

The Covert Commissions Pro system will simply take it to the next level and allow you to...

Get 10 Extra Commission Systems Today (2x MORE THAN NORMAL)

You'll be able to unlock and activate 10 additional complete profit systems accessing more niches than before and always being prepared with the perfect bonus gift for any audience

Get 2 New Commission Systems Every Single Month

With two new commission system credits being added to your account each month like clockwork, you'll have access to the latest most cutting edge squeeze page systems available

Covert Commissions Wordpress Plugin

Simply upload and activate this plugin on your blog (you can use it on an unlimited number of blogs) and display banners anywhere, exit pops or even 404 page ads. 

Build A Passive Income With Unlimited Managed Promotions

You add people onto the lists and we'll keep promoting to them, approximately 1-2 promotions per week, with reviews and bonuses and well thought out campaigns for as long as they stay subscribed

Guaranteed Affiliate Approvals

Starting out as an Internet Marketer can be difficult, so we're making it one step easier to make sure that everything you request will get approved.  Any issues?  We'll go straight to the vendor for you. 

Premium Live Coaching Calls With SUPER Experts

Join us on live calls with product creators responsible for MANY millions of dollars in sales, as they show you exactly how they use the same system you'll get access to, to make sales!

Add Unlimited Subscribers Into The System

There are absolutely ZERO limitations, or hidden fees/charges for adding more subscribers into Covert Commissions - we'll host them for you and keep mailing promotions whether it's 100 or 100,000 people

Priority Support

Our system is set up to be completely easy to follow, with step by step training at every turn, but just in case you get stuck our friendly support team are just an email away - and would love to help you out!

Get All Your Leads Automatically Added To Your Own Autoresponder

Add every lead automatically on to the list of your choice, so you can segment and build YOUR OWN subscriber list too, giving you complete control and the ability to mail about whatever YOU choose to.

This is list building and affiliate marketing on steroids... and then some!

In fact...

You Won't Find A More Legal Way To

Own A Profit Printing Machine

Getting access to the newest systems, with training material that is right in line with the latest marketing trends is GOLD.  

I was able to send to a free report about using push notifications right when the trend was just taking off - and got an extra 100 subscribers added to my list practically overnight!

- Jason Castle


This has been the easiest way to build my own lists.  Everything is made for me and by connecting my own autoresponders, I’ve built more targeted lists and tripled my JVZoo commissions without having to do any of the work I used have to do.  - Samuel M.

I just got a $398.80 commission in my JVZoo account and it says Covert Commissions!!!  This is amazing!!! You have a member for LIFE!!!  - Jayne G. 

This is a complete and ready to go "Done-For-You" system.

Enter your affiliate details into your Covert Commissions profile and start promoting your squeeze pages.

Then witness the snowball effect as you generate more and more affiliate sales on complete autopilot.

You can potentially jam your bank account with so much cash that your friends will suspect you've just robbed a bank.

What they don't know is that you did... but legally.

If there is a lazy man's way to riches, then the Covert Commissions Pro membership is your first class ticket!


Building a list and becoming a successful affiliate marketer, the old way is a heck of a lot work, and it can take an eternity. Are you really interested in spending your life on a wild goose chase?

Why put yourself through all the blood, sweat and tears?

Ask yourself this: Doesn't it make sense to take advantage of this great offer right now? Once you lay your hands on this system, your financial situation could take a radical turn for the better in no time!


Imagine yourself checking your email, and seeing "Congratulations, you've made another sale!", again and again after you've had a nice time at the beach.


This "Done-For-You" concept is hands down the most fool proof way to generate affiliate commissions, build a list and profit fast! And, you can keep making this money year-in and year-out for life!

With Our $1 Trial You Can Try It Out Completely Risk Free

ACT NOW because...

...As I said this VIP member’s special is very time limited.

You will never see this offer again.

And you will certainly not see everything included here at such a low a price, ever again!

If you want to fast track your way to affiliate stardom, there’s only one thing left to do...

Take action today and...

Click The Button Below To Claim Your Covert Commissions Pro Membership Trial Today!

SPECIAL Access All Areas Trial Offer

Pay $1 today and try it for 7 days, then $27 a month.

Don't like it?  Cancel anytime and you'll still get to keep all of the affiliate systems AND leads in your account.

Covert Commissions 2.0 Monthly Trial
  • 10 Credits immediately.  Use these to unlock ANY of the Covert Commissions affiliate systems
  • 2 new credits added each month, so you can get access to newly added premium systems any time!
  • Unlimited access to our entire premium affiliate system collection
  • Autoresponder integration (connect and have a copy of all leads added to your own autoresponder service)
  • Much Much More... Read below for all info!  

Thank you again putting your trust in Covert Commissions and me... and for taking the time to read this letter,

I greatly appreciate it. More so, I’m excited for you to start getting the results you deserve.

Talk to you soon,

P.S. The primary characteristic of high income earners and successful business owners is that they have the ability to make quick decisions and act on an opportunity as soon as it presents itself. If that makes sense, you should upgrade today while this incredible offer is still available!

P.P.S. You Must Take Action Now - before it's too LATE! If you leave this page and attempt to come back later, this $1 One-Time-Offer will be gone forever! Your IP is registered and it is not possible to get access to this page again. I can only guarantee that it is still available right this very second. Don't delay!

PLEASE NOTE: There is no 30 Day Guarantee on the $1 trial , so use the 7 days to test it and let us know if you aren't happy and we'll cancel it at any time :)  

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